DocumentBuilder Overview

  1. Add SautinSoft.Document from Nuget.
  2. Create a new document.
  3. Create a Builder based on the document.

DocumentBuilder is a powerful class that allows you to create dynamic documents from scratch and add new elements to an existing document. It simplifies the most common document building tasks such as inserting text, tables, images, lists, hyperlinks, fields, formatting paragraphs and sections, and more.

DocumentBuilder complements the classes and methods available in Document .Net.. It simplifies the code entry process and allows you to quickly and easily insert content and formatting, and is also easy to read.

DocumentBuilder has an internal cursor that can be moved to any location in the document using a set of methods, such as DocumentBuilderMoveToDocumentStart, DocumentBuilderMoveToDocumentEnd, DocumentBuilderMoveToCell, DocumentBuilderMoveToParagraph and other similar methods.

Insert text, images, bookmarks, sections, table of contents and other elements of the document at the cursor position using any of the methods such as DocumentBuilderInsertShape(Figure, Size), DocumentBuilderInsertSpecialCharacter, DocumentBuilderInsertField(String), DocumentBuilderInsertCell and other similar methods.

Now let's get started!
To start, you need to create a DocumentBuilder and associate it with a DocumentCore object.

                    DocumentCore dc = new DocumentCore();
                    DocumentBuilder db = new DocumentBuilder(dc);

You can learn more about how to use DocumentBuilder in the tabs below.

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