Convert PDF to DOCX, RTF in C#, .NET and ASP.NET MVC

PDF to Word
  • Office Open XML, ECMA-376
  • Retains all document formatting.
  • Recreates tables from PDF.
  • No Office Automation.
  • Supports all PDF versions (1.0 - 2.0, PDF/A)
  • Password protected docs.
  • Allows to convert custom PDF pages.
  • Completely editable Word/RTF.
  • Produces RTF ver. 1.8 spec.
  • Retains all document formatting.
  • Recreates tables from PDF.

     With the help of "PDF Focus .Net", any .NET application can easily transform PDF documents to a Word file. For example, to convert a PDF to Word in C# you will only need to add a reference to the .dll and type a few lines of code.

The library recreates a Word document from a PDF like as if it was be typed by a human. It produces a completely editable Word document in DOCX, RTF formats that contains paragraphs, columns, tables, images, page breaks, and so forth.

Another point of interest is that PDF Focus .Net can understand and recreate real tables with rows and cells. Maybe it sounds obvious, but PDF documents don't have real tables. If you see a table inside a PDF, it is in fact a set of lines. To further accentuate this point, download PDF Focus .Net, 64.9 Mb and evaluate it now!