How to convert a password protected PDF document

Clearly, a PDF format is a very common and popular in nowadays. This is due the fact that PDF can contain a text, images, filled forms and multimedia elements. That seems to be the case, that PDF format is widely used in polygraphy and also for distributing documents containing a vector graphics!

Thankfully, there are special programs and components to edit PDF-files, but their selection is much smaller than the programs to create and view PDF documents. A one of ways to edit a PDF document is simply convert it to a common editable MS-Word format. документов. One of the tools allowing to convert PDF to Word is freeware First PDF.

This program is based on the SautinSoft’s component – PDF Focus .Net. The component allows to integrate feature of converting of PDF documents to Word, Text and Images using a few code lines.

The one of PDF Focus .Net benefits is that it can process password protected PDF documents. What is a password protected PDF file? If for any reason you want to transfer a file intended only to a narrow circle of people through a link in Internet, you can set a password for opening, reading and editing the PDF document. Thus, a person who will use the PDF will need to enter an appropriate password.

In conjuction with PDF Focus .Net any software will be able to convert password protected PDF documents. Furthermore, it totally simplifies the development of .NET applications and reduces the tens of thousands of lines of code that are necessary for a developer (e.g. to convert PDF to Word in c#) to several lines:

            using System;
using System.IO;
namespace Sample
    class Sample
        static void Main(string[] args)
            string pathToPdf = @"C:\PassPDF.pdf";
            string pathToWord = @"C:\Result.doc";
            //Convert PDF file to Word file
            SautinSoft.PdfFocus f = new SautinSoft.PdfFocus();
            if (f.PageCount > 0)
                int result = f.ToWord(pathToWord);
                f.Password = "qwerty";
                //Show Word document
                if (result==0)

To see this functionality firsthand, you may see ASP.Net project which convert PDF to Word online:

You may get to know about PDF Focus .Net and its capabilities here: PDF Focus .Net

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