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"How PDF Metamorphosis .Net can help me in developing applications which convert to PDF?"

SDK to convert HTML, Text, DOCX, RTF to PDF for C# and VB.Net


PDF Metamorphosis .Net is designed to help you in development of applications where is necessary to convert any documents to PDF. Let's see what functions PDF Metamorphosis .Net can provide for your application:
Furthermore, during conversion to PDF you may adjust following:
  • Set page size, orientation and margins.
  • Set a single font face, size and color for your PDF document.
  • Add custom headers and footers.
  • Add page numbering.
  • Add custom watermarks to your PDF.
  • Specify the version of produced PDF.
  • Embed all fonts inside PDF.

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What PDF Metamorphosis .Net can give me:

  1. Save a time and cost of developing of my application. You will need to only add the reference to "PdfMetamorphosis.dll" and write 3-4 C# lines to get ability create PDF from HTML, RTF, Text or PDF from DOCX.

  2. The one product provides me by set of API to convert from Text, RTF, HTML to PDF at once, split and merge PDF documents.

  3. Because of this is absolutely standalone PDF library, I don't need to worry about the availability of Adobe Acrobat, MS Word, OpenOffice or other software on the my client's computers.

  4. My software will have the one of the fastest API to convert into PDF documents and therefore my clients will not have any delays during creating PDF documents.

  5. I don't need to worry about accuracy of source HTML and RTF documents. PDF Metamorphosis .Net can "eat" any types, versions and produce for me a valid PDF document.

  6. The one time price. I pay a one time and can use «PDF Metamorphosis .Net» for a whole life without any additional fees. My license will never expires.

  7. As bonus, I get unlimited technical support during a whole life for free and independently of the date of my purchasing.

Feature Highlights

Now let's get to know the core features of PDF Metamorphosis .Net.

How to convert RTF to PDF under .Net? How to convert RTF to PDF under .Net?
How to convert Word, DOCX to PDF under .Net? How to convert Word, DOCX to PDF under .Net?
How to convert HTML to PDF under .Net? How to convert HTML to PDF under .Net?
How to convert Text to PDF under .Net? How to convert Text to PDF under .Net?
How to split and merge PDF documents under .Net? How to split and merge PDF documents under .Net?
We are happy that our PDF Metamorphosis .Net helped a lot of developers and companies to simplify the converting of PDF documents by several lines of code! We appreciate and honor your questions and reviews...

Requrements and Technical Information

     Requires only .Net 2.0 or above. Our product is compatible with all .Net languages and supports all Operating Systems where .Net Framework can be used. Note that PDF Metamorphosis .Net is entirely written in managed C#, which makes it absolutely standalone and an independent library.

Reasonable prices

     The library offers developers high quality conversion at reasonably prices. The main point of interest is that PDF Metamorphosis .Net is less expensive than all of its more or less popular counterparts. For example, a single license cost $439 with no additional fees or royalties!


To see this functionality firsthand, download the freshest «PDF Metamorphosis .Net» with code examples, 19.9 Mb.

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How to convert RTF to PDF in .Net?How to convert DOCX to PDF in .Net?How to convert HTML to PDF in .Net? How to convert Text to PDF in .Net? How to split and merge PDF documents in .Net?