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Excel to PDF .Net - Pricing and Order

Payment and Delivery

You may purchase the software using any of these payment options: Visa/MasterCard/Eurocard, American Express, JCB, Discover/Novus, Bank/Wire transfer, Diners Club, PayPal, Fax and Purchase order.

The delivery process is completely automatic and works 24/7. At once after processing your order you will a registration email with:

  • The License key which you’ll specify in the obj.Serial="XXXXXX".
  • The Order ID, you'll use it for future updates and getting technical support.

Usually the whole process from filling the order form to getting the software takes a 1-2 minutes.

What «Excel to PDF .Net» can give me:

  1. Save a time and cost of developing of my application. You will need to only add the reference to "SautinSoft.ExcelToPdf.dll" and write 3-4 C# lines to get ability to convert Excel to PDF, RTF, DOCX.

  2. The one product provides me by set of API to convert .xls and .xlsx to PDF, RTF, DOCX at once, split and merge PDF documents.

  3. Because of this is absolutely standalone .NET Framework and .NET Core assembly, I don't need to worry about the availability of Adobe Acrobat, MS Office, OpenOffice or other software on the my client's computers.

  4. The one time price. I pay a one time and can use «Excel to PDF .Net» for a whole life without any additional fees. My license will never expires.

  5. As bonus, I get unlimited technical support during a whole life for free and independently of the date of my purchasing.

Here you may select the desired license and purchase«Excel to PDF .Net»:



Purchase Online
Individual Developer
(1 developer, 1 website deployment)
Individual Developer Unlimited Web
(1 developer, unlimited websites deployment)
Small Company
(Up to 10 developers, unlimited websites deployment)
Large Company
(Unlimited developers, unlimited websites deployment)

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