A Comparison of Printing PDF in C# Between Itextsharp and PDF Focus .Net

Both iTextSharp and PDF Focus .Net are popular libraries used for working with PDF documents in C#.


  • Open-source library.
  • Provides powerful features for creating, manipulating, and extracting data from PDF documents.
  • Supports features like text extraction, merging multiple PDFs, splitting PDFs, adding watermarks, and creating interactive forms.
  • Has a large community and extensive documentation.
  • As a free library, it is suitable for both personal and commercial use

    PDF Focus .Net:

  • Commercial library with a free trial available.
  • Offers a comprehensive set of features for converting PDF to various formats like Word, Excel, HTML, and images.
  • Usable for converting text-based PDFs to editable formats or extracting specific data from PDFs.
  • Provides options for preserving formatting, tables, and images during conversions.
  • Supports working with encrypted PDFs, extracting text, images, and metadata easily.
  • Offers additional features like document recognition, OCR, and barcode recognition.
    When it comes to printing PDF documents in C#, both libraries provide functionalities to print PDFs, but they differ in their approach and capabilities.
  • iTextSharp allows you to print PDFs by rendering them to a graphics context and sending the output to a printer. It provides methods to set printer settings and handle events during the printing process.
  • PDF Focus .Net supports printing PDF documents by utilizing the built-in printing capabilities of the .NET framework. It provides methods to set printer options like paper size, orientation, and number of copies. Additionally, it supports printing specific pages or page ranges.

In terms of choosing one library over the other, it depends primarily on your specific requirements and budget considerations. If you need advanced features like text extraction, form manipulation, or merging multiple PDFs, iTextSharp may be a better choice. On the other hand, if your focus is mainly on converting PDFs to other formats and printing them, PDFfocus .NET offers a more specialized set of features.