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SautinSoft Namespace

Starting from 2002 we are developing .Net components to do all what you wish with documents in PDF, DOCX, RTF, HTML, Images and other formats.
Public classPdfMetamorphosis Main class of the PDF Metamorphosis .Net. Allows to export Text, RTF, DOCX, DOC and HTML to PDF; split and merge PDF documents.
Public classPdfMetamorphosisHeadersFooters Class to create a custom header and footer in produced PDF document in any of formats: Rtf, Html or Text.
Public classPdfMetamorphosisHtmlSetting Set options necessary for HTML to PDF conversion, such as BaseUrl etc.
Public classPdfMetamorphosisPageSetting Set different page properties. For example, set page size, margins, page numbers and add watermarks on page.
Public classPdfMetamorphosisPageSettingMargins Set page margins in inches or mm.
Public classPdfMetamorphosisPageSettingPageNumbers Allows to set page numbers and their properties in PDF.
Public classCode examplePdfMetamorphosisPageSettingPageSizes Set page size of produced PDF document.
Public classPdfMetamorphosisPdfSecurity Contains details for encrypting and access permissions for a PDF document, such as Password, Permissions etc.
Public classCode examplePdfMetamorphosisPdfSetting Set properties for resulting PDF document, such as PDF version, compression etc.
Public classPdfMetamorphosisSizes Class to set the component's options in inches, mm and pixels.
Public classPdfMetamorphosisTextSetting Set a single font face, size, color and alignment for all text in PDF document.
Public classPdfMetamorphosisTextSettingAlignments Set a single text alignment for all text in PDF document. Default option: Auto.
Public classCode examplePdfMetamorphosisTextSettingFontFaces Set a single custom font for a whole text in PDF document. Default option: Auto.
Public classPdfMetamorphosisTextSettingScale Allows to scale some text properties (the scaling of FontSize and TextWidth appears in future)
Public classCode examplePdfMetamorphosisWaterMark Allows to add watermarks into a produced PDF document
Public classPdfMetamorphosisWaterMarksCollection Allows operate with watermarks in PDF document
Public enumerationPdfMetamorphosisHeadersFootersInputFormat Allows you to specify the input format for header and footer.
Public enumerationPdfMetamorphosisPageSettingOrientations Set a page orientation of PDF document.
Public enumerationPdfMetamorphosisPdfEncryptionAlgorithm Specifies the encryption algorithm to use for encrypting a PDF document.
Public enumerationPdfMetamorphosisPdfPermissions Specifies the operations that are allowed to a user on an encrypted PDF document.
Public enumerationPdfMetamorphosisPdfSettingPdfVersions Allows to set PDF version
Public enumerationPdfMetamorphosisWaterMarkPagesPreset page types to place watermark.