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ExcelToPdfUnicodeOptions Property

Allows to specify options to properly convert Unicode, such as "Fonts" directory etc

Namespace:  SautinSoft
Assembly:  SautinSoft.ExcelToPdf (in SautinSoft.ExcelToPdf.dll) Version: 2023.11.22
public ExcelToPdfCUnicodeOptions UnicodeOptions { get; set; }

Property Value

Type: ExcelToPdfCUnicodeOptions
Advice for developers who creates ASP.Net or Silverlight projects:

Some hosting providers disables any access to windows directories. For example, GoDaddy doesn't allow to read directory "Windows\Fonts".
We recommend to create own "Fonts" directory in your project and copy *.ttf files to it from "Windows\Fonts". You may copy only several fonts, but we recommend to put the font "Arial Unicode MS" - ARIALUNI.TTF anyway.

See picture:

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