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SautinSoft Namespace

Starting from 2002 we are developing .Net components to do all what you wish with documents in PDF, DOCX, RTF, HTML, Images and other formats.
Public classCode exampleExcelToPdf
Main class to export Excel spreadsheets in to PDF, Word. Allows to create an instance of converter object and call converting methods.
Public classExcelToPdfCOptions
Set up the info block properties for resulting documents, such as file version and document producer
Public classExcelToPdfCPageStyle
Allows to specify page properties for output PDF document: page size, orientation, page margins and page numbers
Public classCode exampleExcelToPdfCPageStyleCPageMargin
Allows to set page margins in mm and inches
Public classExcelToPdfCPageStyleCPageOrientation
Allows to set page orientation for an output document. Not used if page size set as "Auto".
Public classCode exampleExcelToPdfCPageStyleCPageScale
Allows to set scale produced document. Default option: FitByWidth.
Public classCode exampleExcelToPdfCPageStyleCPageSize
Allows to set page size for output PDF document. Default option: Auto
Public classExcelToPdfCPageStylePageNumbers
Allows to set page numbers and their properties in PDF.
Public classExcelToPdfCPageStyleSizes
Class to set the component's options in inches, mm and pixels.
Public classExcelToPdfCSheet
Class which allows to set custom sheets from workbook for converting
Public classCode exampleExcelToPdfCSheetPrintedArea
Allows to specify which custom sheets and cells will be exported into PDF, Word
Public classCode exampleExcelToPdfCUnicodeOptions
Class with properties which allows to specify Unicode options, such as "Fonts" directory etc
Public classExcelToPdfPdfSecurity
Contains details for encrypting and access permissions for a PDF document, such as Password, Permissions etc.