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SautinSoft.Document.Tables Namespace

Allows to work tables, rows, cells.
Public classFloatingTablePositioning
Represents floating table positioning settings.
Public classCode exampleTable
Represents a table in a document.
Public classCode exampleTableCell
Represents a single cell in a table row, which contains the table’s content.
Public classCode exampleTableCellCollection
Represents a collection of TableCells.
Public classCode exampleTableCellFormat
Represents a set of properties which shall be applied to a specific TableCell.
Public classCode exampleTableColumn
Represents a logical column in a Table used to specify the presence of a shared vertical edge in the Table.
Public classTableColumnCollection
Represents a set of TableColumns.
Public classCode exampleTableFormat
Represents a set of table-wide properties. These properties affect the appearance of all rows and cells within the parent table, but may be overridden by individual row and cell level formatting.
Public classTableMetadata
Represents a set of non-visual properties which shall be applied to the parent Table.
Public classCode exampleTableRow
Represents a table row.
Public classCode exampleTableRowCollection
Represents a collection of TableRows.
Public classCode exampleTableRowFormat
Represents a set of properties which shall be applied to a specific TableRow.
Public classCode exampleTableStyle
Represents a table style.
Public classTableStyleFormat

Represents a set of table style conditional formatting properties.

These properties affect the appearance of all rows, cells, paragraphs and runs within the parent table matching the specified condition, but may be overridden by individual row, cell, paragraph and run level formatting.

Public classTableStyleFormatCollection
Represents a collection of conditional TableStyleFormats.
Public structureTableRowHeight
Represents a table row height.
Public structureTableWidth
Represents a table width encapsulating table width value and table width measurement unit.
Public delegateCreateTableCell
Encapsulates a method used to create TableCell for specified row and column.
Public enumerationTableRowHeightRule
Represents the logic which shall be used to calculate the height of the TableRow when it is displayed in the document.
Public enumerationTableStyleFormatType
Represents table style conditional format types which indicate what region of a table will be formatted with its parent TableStyleFormat.
Public enumerationTableStyleOptions
Specifies which table style conditional formats are applied to a table.
Public enumerationTableWidthUnit
Represents a table width measurement unit.