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SautinSoft.Document.Drawing Namespace

Allows to work with shapes, graphics and images.
Public classCode exampleBrush Represents a type which describes how the area is painted or filled.
Public classCode exampleCustomGeometry Represents the custom geometry. A sequence of CustomPaths consisting of a series of moves, lines and curves, that when combined make up a geometry.
Public classCustomPath Represents a series of connected lines and curves.
Public classCode exampleFloatingLayout Represents a floating Layout which is used to embed document element in a page outside of the main content flow. Main content flow is usually wrapped around embedded element.
Public classCode exampleGeometry Represent base class for the shape geometry.
Public classCode exampleGroupLayout Represents a Layout which is used to positioning elements within a ShapeGroup.
Public classCode exampleImageData Provides an image data for Picture or PictureFillBrush.
Public classCode exampleInlineLayout Represents an in-line Layout which is used to embed document element in the current line of the main content flow.
Public classCode exampleLayout Represents a base class for specifying element's layout properties, such as position and size.
Public classPathArcTo ArcTo element.
Public classPathClose Close element.
Public classPathCubicBezierTo CubicBezierTo element.
Public classPathElement Represents a base class for all path elements (lines and curves).
Public classPathLineTo LineTo element.
Public classPathMoveTo MoveTo element.
Public classPathQuadBezierTo QuadBezierTo element.
Public classCode examplePen Represents a type which describes how a shape is outlined.
Public classCode examplePicture Represents a picture.
Public classCode examplePictureFillBrush Represents a brush which fills an area with a picture.
Public classCode examplePresetGeometry Represents the preset geometry.
Public classCode exampleShape Represents a shape.
Public classCode exampleShapeBase Base class for all drawing objects, such as a Shape, ShapeGroup or Picture.
Public classShapeCollection Represents a collection of ShapeBase derived elements.
Public classCode exampleShapeGroup Represents a group of shapes.
Public classCode exampleShapeText Defines the text inside a shape and its attributes.
Public classCode exampleSolidColorBrush Represents a brush which fills an area with a solid color.
Public structurePoint Represents an ordered pair of x- and y-coordinates that defines a point in a two-dimensional plane.
Public structureCode exampleRectangle Stores a set of four values that represent the location and size of a rectangle.
Public structureSize A structure used to describe the size of an object.
Public enumerationCode exampleFigure Specifies Microsoft Word figures.
Public enumerationFlipOrientation Specifies a possible values for the orientation of a shape.
Public enumerationLineCapStyle Specifies line cap style.
Public enumerationLineDashStyle Specifies dash line style.
Public enumerationLineEndLength Specifies the length of the line end decoration relative to the width of the line itself.
Public enumerationLineEndType Specifies the line end decoration.
Public enumerationLineJoinStyle Specifies line join style.
Public enumerationPathElementType Specifies a possible custom geometry path element types.
Public enumerationPathFillMode Specifies how the CustomPath should be filled.
Public enumerationPictureFillMode Specifies a picture fill modes.
Public enumerationPictureFormat Specifies the file format for a picture.
Public enumerationShapeAutoFit Specifies a shape auto-fit modes.
Public enumerationTextAnchoringType Specifies the anchoring position of the text within the shape.
Public enumerationTextHorizontalOverflowType Determines whether the text can flow out of the bounding box horizontally.
Public enumerationTextVerticalOverflowType Determines whether the text can flow out of the bounding box vertically.
Public enumerationCode exampleWrappingStyle Specifies how text is wrapped around a shape or picture.
Public enumerationWrapSide Specifies what side(s) of the shape or picture the text wraps around.