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UseOffice Properties

The UseOffice type exposes the following members.

Public propertyCode exampleCreateTraceFile Forces the component to create a tracing file
Public propertyDataBasePassword Allows to specify a password to convert protected Access database
Public propertyDisableMacros Disable all macros during conversion of Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents.
Public propertyCode exampleExcelOptions Allows to specify some Excel options (sheet numbers, how to fit a sheet on page) for converting.
Public propertyExceptions Allows to get the list of all exceptions which appeared during of the conversion process.
Public propertyCode exampleOfficeVersion Gets the MS Office version.
Public propertyCode examplePageStyle Allows to specify page properties for an output PDF document: page size, orientation and page margins.
Public propertyProcessesID Gets the list with ID of all processes which were started by UseOffice .Net.
Public propertyReports Allows to set report's names which you want to export in PDF
Public propertyStatic memberCode exampleSerialObsolete.
Set activation key
Public propertyTemporaryDirectory Set a custom temporary directory for the method ConvertBytes(...).
Public propertyCode exampleTraceFilePath Path for creating a tracing file
Public propertyWritePassword Allows to specify a password for output files (*.DOCX, *.RTF)
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