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HtmlFlowingSaveOptions Properties

The HtmlFlowingSaveOptions type exposes the following members.

Public propertyBuildNavigationPage Whether to generate a navigation page (like a TOC - table of contents) or not. Default value: true.
Public propertyHeadersFootersExportMode Specifies how headers and footers are output to HTML and MHTML. Default value is PerSection.
Public propertyCode exampleListExportMode Controls how list labels are output to HTML or MHTML. Default value is Auto.
Public propertyPartSavingCallback Allows to control how document parts are saved when a document is saved to HTML.
Public propertySplitCriteria Specifies how the document should be split when saving to Html format. Default is None.
Public propertySplitHeadingLevel Specifies the maximum level of headings at which to split the document. Default value is 2.
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