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ImageToPdfOptions Properties

The ImageToPdfOptions type exposes the following members.

Public propertyCompressionType
Gets and sets PDF compression type. Default: Fastest.
Public propertyCode exampleDistanceBetweenImages
Gets or sets horizontal and vertical space interval between images (in points). Default: 15 pt.
Public propertyFitImageToPageSize
Gets and sets the value to scale each image (disproportionately) to fit the page size. Thus, each page will contain only the one full-page image. Default: true.
Public propertyCode exampleHeight
Gets and set a single height for all images (in points). Default: null, this means to use the current image height.
Public propertyCode exampleJpegQuality
Gets or sets the quality of the image (only for JPEG), between 0-100. Not applicable to PNG images. Default: 95.
Public propertyCode examplePageNumbering
Gets and sets page numbering properties.
Public propertyCode examplePageSetup
Gets and sets the page setup properties: paper type, orientation, margins and so forth.
Public propertyCode examplePlaceImagesByHorizontal
Gets or sets value whether to place images vertically or by horizontal. Default: false, this means to place images vertically.
Public propertyScale
Gets or sets scale in percents for all images which will be converted to PDF, default: 100.0M.
Public propertyCode exampleWidth
Gets and set a single width for all images (in points). Default: null, this means to use the current image width.
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