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PdfMetamorphosisPrintPdf(String, Int32, Int32) Method

Print the PDF file using the default printer with time settings

Namespace: SautinSoft
Assembly: PdfMetamorphosis (in PdfMetamorphosis.dll) Version: 2024.5.27
public void PrintPdf(
	string PdfFile,
	int timeInSecToLoadAdobeReader,
	int timeinSecToSendingDocumentOnPrint


PdfFile  String
Path to the PDF file to be printed
timeInSecToLoadAdobeReader  Int32
Timeout in seconds to load Adobe Reader
timeinSecToSendingDocumentOnPrint  Int32
Timeout in seconds to send PDF document on print
This method uses the "Adobe Reader" to print PDF documents. Please be sure that you have installed "Acrobat Reader".

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