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How to install UseOffice .Net at Windows 2003 or 2008 Server

From “run” write DCOMCNFG to open Window Component Service Right click up “Application Microsoft Excel” (or “MS Office Application”) and select Properties Select “Default” Check “Run application on this computer” Customize all: click “Edit” and insert two user: in my case they are called “ASP.NET” and “ISS”; for each allow all.

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.Net component to convert between docx, pdf, excel, pptx, html, rtf in C#

We tried to erase customary distinctions between popular office formats and to give you an opportunity to choose your own format!         Modern document circulation is swiftly developing and information flows in the outside world are quite various. Wherever you are, you constantly encounter electronic documents, whether  you work in an office, study at school […]

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