Author: Aleks

How to save a document as PDF/A with different conformance levels in C# and VB.NET

The ISO 19005 standard (PDF/A) defines requirements for creating documents suitable for archiving based on the widely available PDF format. The standard specifies in detail what content is allowed and what is not. These and other specifications are intended to ensure long-term readability of the documents regardless of the application software and operating system in […]

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.Net component to convert between docx, pdf, excel, pptx, html, rtf in C#

We tried to erase customary distinctions between popular office formats and to give you an opportunity to choose your own format!         Modern document circulation is swiftly developing and information flows in the outside world are quite various. Wherever you are, you constantly encounter electronic documents, whether  you work in an office, study at school […]

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How to convert PDF document to RTF or Text document in C # and VB.Net

Up to date, every tenth document published in Internet is presented in PDF format. PDF format is widely used for preparing different electronic documents which can contain fonts, graphics and multimedia elements. Who uses PDF documents and needs their editing? Students who need information for writing coursework or diploma work. As a matter of fact, […]

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