Tool for .Net to convert RTF to PDF without MS Office Automation

Article from our customer

Our team of developers tasked to create a web-service which required a tool to convert RTF files into PDF under .Net without using MS Office Automation. Google search gave a lot of results, but most of components require MS Word or Adobe products, either the price was not acceptable for us.
Some search results followed to Sautinsoft web-site and their PDF Metamorphosis .Net. Guys from online support helped us to create testing project with speed of F1 🙂 ! Below there is a piece of code to convert RTF to PDF without using MS Word:

SautinSoft.PdfMetamorphosis p = new SautinSoft.PdfMetamorphosis();
 string[] rtfFiles = System.IO.Directory.GetFiles(@"c:folder with pdfs\", ".rtf");
 foreach (string rtfFile in rtfFiles)
           p.RtfToPdfConvertFile(rtfFile, Path.GetFileNameWithoutExtension(rtfFile) + ".pdf");

Download unlimited time trial version with C# and VB.Net samples:

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