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DocumentCore Properties

The DocumentCore type exposes the following members.

Public propertyCode exampleBookmarks Gets the document bookmarks.
Public propertyComments Gets the document comments.
Public propertyCustomXmlParts Gets the custom XML parts contained in this document.
Public propertyCode exampleDefaultCharacterFormat Gets or sets the default character format.
Public propertyCode exampleDefaultParagraphFormat Gets or sets the default paragraph format.
Public propertyEditProtection Gets or sets the document protection settings used to restrict editing and formatting of document content. Supported in DOCX format.
Public propertyElementType Gets the ElementType of this element instance.
(Overrides ElementElementType)
Public propertyCode exampleMailMerge Gets a MailMerge object that represents the mail merge functionality for the document.
Public propertyCode exampleProperties Gets the document properties.
Public propertyCode exampleRenderRightToLeft Gets or sets render right to left. (default false)
Public propertyCode exampleRevisions Gets a collection of revisions (tracked changes) that exist in this document.
Public propertyCode exampleSections Gets a collection that represents all sections in the document.
Public propertyStatic memberCode exampleSerialObsolete.
This property is obsolete, please use the method SetLicense(String).
Public propertySettings Gets or sets the document settings.
Public propertyCode exampleStyles Gets a collection of styles defined in the document.
Public propertyWriteProtection Gets the document write protection options. Supported only in DOCX format.
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