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FontSettingsUserFontsDirectory Property

Gets and sets an extra folder to search fonts (*.ttf, *.otf, *.ttc). Default value: null.

Namespace: SautinSoft.Document
Assembly: SautinSoft.Document (in SautinSoft.Document.dll) Version: 2024.3.11
public static string UserFontsDirectory { get; set; }

Property Value

By default the component tries to find fonts in standard font folder (for example, in Windows OS - it may be c:\windows\fonts). It will find the standard font folder from the Environment Variables.
But you may add an extra folder to also search fonts in it. Document .Net will try to find and load all font files with these extensions: *.ttf, *.otf, *.ttc.

Steps to find the missing fonts:
1. Load your document.
2. Save the document as PDF.
3. Check the property MissingFonts.
In case of the component will not find the necessary font, it place the font name in this list. Next the component will try to use a substitute font and finally use the default font (Calibri). Next you may download these fonts from Internet, install into your OS or specify the UserFontsDirectory.
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