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How to convert a PDF document into thumbnail image with specified dimensions in C# and VB.Net

Sometimes is necessary to convert a page from PDF document into image (png, jpg, bmp, doesn’t really matter to show it in a browser). Let us say, if we’re creating an e-library website. This e-library stores a lot of e-books in a PDF format. And our task is to show cover pages from those PDF […]

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How to convert PDF to JPG using VB .Net ?!

Articles from our customers I was looking for a solution to convert only first page of PDF document to JPG in VB.Net. We’ve online book store which sells electronic books in PDF format. We’ve had a task to automate whole process of converting 1st page to JPG. It was necessary that clients can see a book […]

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How to convert PDF files to multipage TIFF using С# !

Articles from our customers I’m developing a Web-app to online converting of PDF files in DOC and TIFF. The part of functions I’ve successfully made, but I get troubles with PDF to TIFF (PDF to MultiPage TIFF) conversion. As I found, there is no standard methods in Visual Studio .Net to operate with PDF to Images! […]

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