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PdfAssociatedFileRelationshipType Enumeration

Represents the type of the relationship between the component of the PdfDocument that refers to the PdfFileSpecification and the associated file denoted by the PdfFileSpecification.

Namespace: SautinSoft.Pdf
Assembly: SautinSoft.Pdf (in SautinSoft.Pdf.dll) Version: 2024.6.18
public enum PdfAssociatedFileRelationshipType
Member nameValueDescription
Custom0 The relationship is a custom, second-class name (see Annex E, "PDF Name Registry").
Data1 The PdfFileSpecification represents information used to derive a visual presentation – such as for a table or a graph.
EncryptedPayload2 The PdfFileSpecification is an encrypted payload document that should be displayed to the user if the PDF processor has the cryptographic filter needed to decrypt the document.
FormData3 The PdfFileSpecification is the data associated with the AcroForm (see 12.7.2, "Interactive Form Dictionary") of this PDF.
Schema4 The PdfFileSpecification is a schema definition for the associated object (e.g. an XML schema associated with a metadata stream).
Source5 The PdfFileSpecification is the original source material for the associated content.
Supplement6 The PdfFileSpecification represents a supplemental representation of the original source or data that may be more easily consumable (e.g., A MathML version of an equation).
Unspecified7 Used when the relationship is not known or cannot be described using one of the other values except Custom.
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