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PdfFileSpecificationName Property

Gets or sets the file specification string of the form described in 7.11.2, "File Specification Strings", or (if the IsUrl is ) a uniform resource locator, as described in 7.11.5, "URL Specifications".

Namespace: SautinSoft.Pdf
Assembly: SautinSoft.Pdf (in SautinSoft.Pdf.dll) Version: 2024.6.18
public string Name { get; set; }

Property Value

The file specification string, or (if the IsUrl is ) a uniform resource locator.
ArgumentNullExceptionValue is or Empty.

SautinSoft.Pdf tries to get this value from the following entries:

  • On Mac OS system: UF, F, Mac, DOS, Unix.
  • On UNIX system: UF, F, Unix, DOS, Mac.
  • On DOS and all other systems: UF, F, DOS, Mac, Unix.

UF entry is decoded using either PDFDoc or UTF16BE encoding and all other entries (F, DOS, Mac, Unix) are decoded using Byte encoding.

SautinSoft.Pdf sets the following entries:

  • UF entry encoded either with PDFDoc or UTF16BE encoding for cross-platform and cross-language compatibility.
  • F entry encoded with ASCII encoding for backwards compatibility.
  • DOS, Mac and Unix entries are removed because they are obsolescent and should not be used by conforming writers.
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