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PdfSetting Properties

The PdfMetamorphosisPdfSetting type exposes the following members.

Public propertyClipboardTextProtection Gets and sets the protection on copying of all text from PDF document through clipboard. Default value: false.
Public propertyCompression Allows to set compression type to change size of the PDF document. Default value: true.
Public propertyCode exampleEmbedAllFonts Embed all used fonts inside the PDF document. Default value: false.
Public propertyCode exampleFontsDirectory Full local path to fonts directory (any folder with *.ttf files). Default value: Fonts directory of the current OS.
Public propertyJpegQuality Specify the image quality from 1 ... 100. Allows to reduce the size of PDF document due to loss of quality of embedded images. Default value: 90.
Public propertyPdfProducer Set producer in an output document.
Public propertyPdfSecurity Sets the password in the resulting file.
Public propertyCode examplePdfVersion Set version for produced PDF document. Default value: PDF_14.
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