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SautinSoft.Document.CustomMarkups Namespace

Allows to operate with CustomMarkups Content Controls.
Public classBlockContentControl Represents block-level Content control (Structured Document Tag).
Public classCheckBoxSymbol Represents a symbol that specifies how a CheckBox will look in a given state.
Public classContentControlListItem Specifies a single list item within the parent Content Control item.
Public classContentControlProperties Represents all possible properties for a Content Control item.
Public classInlineContentControl Represents inline-level Content Control (Structured Document Tag).
Public classXmlMapping Specifies the mapping between a content control and a custom XML part or a document property.
Public enumerationCalendarType Represents the calendar type of a Date picker Content Control item.
Public enumerationContentControlDisplayMode Represents how Content Control is displayed in a document.
Public enumerationContentControlType Represents the type of a Content Control item (Structured Document Tag).
Public enumerationDateStorageFormat Specifies how the date for a date Content Control item is stored.