How to convert XHTML, HTML to PDF in ASP.Net - C# and VB?

PDF Metamorphosis .Net is a professional server-based component, which enables to convert XHTML, RTF, HTML to PDF documents.

We offer an unique component to convert HTML to PDF. Our solution lets you easily create reports in PDF format from any XML, HTML or ASPX page. The component is written in pure C# and doesn't require any third-party dlls.

The PDF Metamorphosis .Net works with any .Net platform: 1.1, 2.0, 3.0 and 3.5. To add HTML to PDF functionality into your application you will need only two lines of code:

Our component can convert HTML to PDF in your dynamic Web Site or large-scale Business Project or Desktop Utility. PDF Metamorphosis .Net ensures high-quality converting HTML to PDF. The component can be used in any ASP.NET languages (VB.Net, C# etc.). C# classes with easy-to-operate methods convert HTML to PDF as a file or as a stream.

Transform HTML string to PDF using C#

Our component doesn't have any user interface, it's only a file "PdfMetamorphosis.dll". After adding a reference to "PdfMetamorphosis.dll" in Visual Studio your application will be able to:

  • Convert HTML to Adobe PDF (files, strings, byte arrays)
  • Transform document in Rich Text Format (.rtf) to PDF (files, strings, byte arrays)
  • Split and merge PDF documents

Study formats such PDF, RTF, and HTML is not a simple matter. Therefore, much other converting components use standard Windows-dlls. For example, to parse HTML can be used mshtml.dll which comes with Internet Explorer.

We don't use any other dlls or dependencies. We know HTML, PDF and RTF formats. Therefore, our component is fully independent. It could open the HTML or XHTML file with CSS, or even download it from Internet. Read the contents of HTML, understand all the tags and transform in PDF format.

Here you can download evaluation version of our component with samples for ASP.Net, WinForms in C# and VB:

Download PDF Metamorphosis .Net ( 1.9 MB)

PDF Metamorphosis .Net Key Features:

  • 100% C# code for HTML to PDF converting
  • Certainly allows to convert from HTML source either to PDF file or to PDF string stream
  • Does not require installed Microsoft Office or Adobe Acrobat , supports .NET 1.1, .NET 2.0, .NET 3.0 and .NET 3.5
  • Takes a Web Site URL instead of HTML file in order to convert to PDF
  • Makes the best use of invalid or bad formed HTML documents.

Convert HTML to PDF in C# or VB

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