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Hello Community!
Here comes the moment, when we decided to continue to acquaint you with the inner life of the SautinSoft Company.
Despite the long absence of news in our blog, the life of the company was intense. Were released and updated products: PDF Focus .Net, PDF Metamorphosis .Net, HTML to RTF, RTF to HTML. By the way, we have a new component, which we proudly present to you – Document .Net!
But, today, the story of the performance of a “dream”: “Around the World Travel”. Who among us has never dreamed of traveling? So we decided to make the dream come true. Since all the history took place in Russia, and the roads remained so only in fantasies, a bicycle was chosen as the transport! It remained to determine the route. As an example, the route of Thomas Svinens was selected, which was the first to make the first round-the-world trip on a bicycle around the world.


But again there was one “No”! On the journey with Thomas took 2 years … But we needed to return to the evening 🙂 And the route was slightly adjusted. After downloading the minimum set of necessary in backpacks, the group moved on a journey through their native expanses.
The route turned out to be diverse and interesting. We suggest you to plunge into adventures with the help of photos together with us:


The result of our journey was the distance traveled, more than 32 miles, a good mood, a rested and “a clean head” and of course “a tired body”!

the beginning of the route.
city center the beginning of the route.
view of the city.
View of the Cathedral.
a starting point.
departure from the city.
the Siva River.
the second crossing over the river Siva.
start bicycle race.
a windbreak.
Difficult section of the road.
No comments.
finish on the horizon.

Have a nice day, bright thoughts and new beginnings.


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