How to convert ASPX page with graphic objects to PDF

Article from our customer

Hi to All! Our company is engaged in geological exploration for new mineral deposits! In our daily work the one of important thing is getting of fresh topographic maps, which we are using for exploration!

Our company works closely with the Google Maps service! To all the cards were “at hand” at the employee, our Technical Department has decided to convert the maps from Google Maps to PDF format. This option allows us to have fresh cards even if no internet! To convert a variety of maps to PDF we are using the component PDF Vision.Net from the company SautinSoft.

Now our employees can always be guided by fresh cards varying degrees of zoom!

This is a code snippet to convert ASPX page (with to PDF format:

SautinSoft.PdfVision v = new SautinSoft.PdfVision();



v.ImageStyle.HtmlTimeOutForScripts = 3f;

int ret = v.ConvertHtmlFileToPDFFile(@"", @"c:\map-copy.pdf");
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