How to convert multiple TIFF files into single PDF using C#

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Good day!

I have a one million TIFF files at my computer. These files stored in folders separated by years (1990, 1991, 1992 …). Each folder (for example: 1990) contains tiff files (for example: 1990-09-21-p01.tiff, 1990-09-21-p02.tiff, 1990-09-21-p03.tiff, 1990-09-21-p04.tiff…)

I want to develop an application, which will open each folder step by step, reads all tiffs with the same date and convert to multipage PDF.

For example, so:
1990-09-21-p01.tiff, 1990-09-21-p02.tiff, 1990-09-21-p03.tiff, 1990-09-21-p04.tiff… 1990-09-21.pdf
I’ve spent a lot of time to find a library and found good solution in Internet:

SautinSoft.PdfVision v = new SautinSoft.PdfVision();
v.ConvertImageFolderToPDFFile(@"d:folder with tiffs", @"d:single.pdf");

PDF Vision .Net – component produced by SautinSoft, which can convert multipage tiff to PDF.
P.S. Maybe anyone will help with similar library which can solve my task?

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