Features of software business in the Russian backwoods. Part I

In the last weekend, we employees of «SautinSoft»: Dmitry, Tatiana, Gennady, Alexander and Max with our families finally decided to arrange a long-awaited vacation and go into the woods for a picnic. On this cool winter's day we decided to make "Shish kebab". Shish kebab is a mixture of pieces of lamb, pork or beef, skewered on skewers. All this mixture is decomposed above the burning coals and roasted some time outdoors.

Forest in February
Forest in February

From many of you this has caused the association with grilling hot dogs at the lawn of your home. Yes, the resemblance is obvious. In fact, it's the same thing. Our kids playfully sculpted snowmen, adult had fun discussing about the last holidays. Since we are all employees of the «SautinSoft» company  then the topic of our conversations eventually came down to the software, new gadgets and Internet community news.

Our employee Dmitry, being a good cook, was cooking a  Shish kebab and sipping juice, likened the process of cooking Russian Shish kebab with American Hotdog. As it turns out there are many similarities but also many differences! Our developers Max and Alexander went away to the side and for a long time were talking and discussing about something. Going to the table, they decided to offer an interesting idea! It lay in the creating the group of articles about our life and what we face at work!

Between our countries there are a lot of differences, but also many similarities. And why on our corporate blog is not to release a group of articles about doing software business in the Russian backwoods?!

To our team this idea was seemed quite funny and interesting. Indeed why don't tell to people about how we get up at early winter morning and go to the car in 30 degree frost to try to start it, remembering the all obscene lexicon of the mighty Russian language? Describe how we started doing business as software company, how we've have to work in Russia with lot of bureaucracy and over-regulation. Or describe a situation recently happened when Max called to the office and asked me to come and rescue him from the snowbank car! From the roof of the building, which he parked, layer of snow fell and covered his car entirely. We, as his friends and staff, were making the rescue operation to pick up our friend's car from the snow captivity! Hard to believe, but in our backwoods this is possible too:

A car in snowbank

Ultimately, all the problems on our path of life, we try to solve as we can. I would like to note that the point of creating of our company was just only a task at the institute with the theme "Creating and converting HTML files. Who could know that the theme of the course work will result to the creation of software company, which for over 9 years of successful experience in software and provides a big range of ASP. Net, C# and VB.Net converting components!

Shish kebab
Shish kebab

P.S.: For whom is interested, we tell recipe to cook Russian Shish kebab. Take the two kilos of lamb, cut into small pieces, pickling, roast over burning coals until cooked. Eat in the nature with friendly company 🙂

He likes shish kebab too :)
He likes shish kebab too 🙂
Winter 2011 in Russian backwoods
Winter 2011 in Russian backwoods

To be continued...

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