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Hello Community! Here comes the moment, when we decided to continue to acquaint you with the inner life of the SautinSoft Company. Despite the long absence of news in our blog, the life of the company was intense. Were released and updated products: PDF Focus .Net, PDF Metamorphosis .Net, HTML to RTF, RTF to HTML. […]

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Journey to Zyuratkul Mountains, Part1

Journey to Zyuratkul Mountains Part 1 The Ignatyevskaya Cave (Russia, Chelyabinsk region) It’s summer. My mood is perfect. I feel that it’s time to relax and unwind. In a one good day of August, we, staff of the company SautinSoft, decided to spend time on the lake Zyuratkul. We had a lot of stories and […]

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Features of software business in the Russian backwoods. Part II – The creation of «SautinSoft» company.

The creation of «SautinSoft» company When we were children we lived in the Soviet Union. That was the socialist country divided from the Western capitalist states with boarders and informational barrier. That barrier was called “Iron Curtain”. We didn’t have Coca-Cola, game consoles, smart clothes and glossy magazines. We have not seen a good deal […]

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