Author: Brian

How to install UseOffice .Net at Windows 2003 or 2008 Server

From “run” write DCOMCNFG to open Window Component Service Right click up “Application Microsoft Excel” (or “MS Office Application”) and select Properties Select “Default” Check “Run application on this computer” Customize all: click “Edit” and insert two user: in my case they are called “ASP.NET” and “ISS”; for each allow all. 0

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How to convert HTML to Image using

Article from our customer Hi Our law firm serves many customers around the world! For the convenience of our customers, we launched the online service that allows to view court decisions, regulations and orders! On our site created a comfortable private office, which realized the possibility of online viewing of all documents in HTML. If […]

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How to convert multiple TIFF files into single PDF using C#

Articles from our customers Good day! I have a one million TIFF files at my computer. These files stored in folders separated by years (1990, 1991, 1992 …). Each folder (for example: 1990) contains tiff files (for example: 1990-09-21-p01.tiff, 1990-09-21-p02.tiff, 1990-09-21-p03.tiff, 1990-09-21-p04.tiff…) I want to develop an application, which will open each folder step by step, […]

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